Round Plastic Pet Tags

Round Plastic Pet Tags are available in six colours and five sizes.
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Manufacturer: Identitag Ltd
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Plastic Round Pet ID Tags 
- High-Quality, Durable Plastic Dog Tags 
- Custom Engraving: Deep engraved on both sides
- Personalize with your pet's details: Name, address, phone number, etc.
- Enhanced Visibility: Engraving infilled with black paint for a sharp contrast
- Includes UK Manufactured Split Ring for Easy Attachment
- Free UK Delivery
- Dispatched to your home or place of work.
Large Tags  38mm (1.5") Diameter:  
Suitable for medium, large, and giant breeds of dogs such as Labrador, Retrievers, and Old English Sheepdogs
Medium Tags 33mm (1.3") Diameter:
Suitable for Medium and Large breeds of dogs such as Border Terriers, Labradors, Retrievers, and Collies
Small Tags 27mm (1.1") Diameter:
Suitable for toy, small, and medium breeds of dogs such as  Yorkshire Terriers, Border Terriers, and Collies
Mini Tags 20mm (0.8") Diameter:
Suitable for cats, puppies, and toy breeds.
Ultra Mini 16mm (0.6") Diameter:
Suitable for cats, puppies, and toy breeds.
Fast Delivery Times:
  - 1-3 working days in the UK
  - 4-5 working days in European countries
  - 6-9 working days in the USA

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