Heart Brass Dog Tags

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Manufacturer: Identitag Ltd
£6.95 incl tax
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Heart Brass Dog Tags 
- High-Quality, Durable Brass Dog Tags 
- Custom Engraving: Deep engraved on both sides
- Personalize with your pet's details: Name, address, phone number, etc.
- Enhanced Visibility: Engraving infilled with black paint for sharp contrast
- Includes UK Manufactured Split Ring for Easy Attachment
- Free UK Delivery
- Dispatched to your home or place of work.
Medium Heart Tags 30x31mm (1.2x1.2")
Suitable for Medium and Large breeds of dogs such as Border Terriers, Labradors, Retrievers, and Collies
Small Heart Tags 25x27mm (1.0x1.1) 
Suitable for toy, small, and medium breeds of dogs such as  Yorkshire Terriers, Border Terriers, and Collies
Mini Heart Tags 20x21mm (0.8x0.8")
Suitable for cats, puppies, and toy breeds.
Fast Delivery Times:
  - 1-3 working days in the UK
  - 4-5 working days in European countries
  - 6-9 working days in the USA

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